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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 27, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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$640 billion, that's nearly 5% of all u.s. banking assets. american banks also have more than a trillion dollars in loans with german and french banks which are the biggest lenders to the troubled european economies. the hope is this plan will shore up europe's financial system and keep global economies out of a recession. >> to our debt crisis, congress has four weeks left to come up with a spending deal or the u.s. government will shut down. this time it's a fight over the 2012 budget which funds the government through next september. two u.s. senators want to make sure this doesn't happen again. democrat ben cardin and republican kelly iad have introduced a bill which would require congress to agree on a budget every year by a certain time. otherwise they would have to shut down and wouldn't be able to leave washington or go on recess till a new budget is passed. senators are hoping if the bill passes, it could give their colleagues more than a few
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incentives to get things done. the super committee met yesterday and discussed the impacts of the cuts with the congressional budget office. the 12 senators and representatives have until november 23 to come up with an agreement on what should be slashed. if they don't 1.2 trillion in automatic cuts across the board will kick in. college students took out loans totaling more than $100 billion last year. that's first time that amount has ever been reached. president obama wants to help them manage that debt. under the president's plan that's out now, your maximum payment would be 10% of your income. you still have to pay the whole thing. it would just take longer that could save you hundreds of dollars per month. overall the total amount of money owed to loan programs tops a trillion dollars this year. that number far exceeds the amount of credit card debt for americans which now stands at $793 billion. prince george's county former top prosecutor is
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running for congress. glenn ivey plans to run for the seat now held by democratic congresswoman donna edwards. >> the district includes prince george's county, much of it and now parts of anne arundel county. a part of montgomery county was removed during redistricting. anne arundel democratic councilman jamie benoit also plans to run for the seat. the lululemon murder trial continues today. brittany norwood is accused of killing her coworker jayna murray. defense lawyers yesterday say norwood did not act with premeditation in the death of jayna murray. hundreds of volunteers will continue searching today for a missing virginia boy who is autistic. 9-year-old robby wood disappeared sunday afternoon during a walk with his family in north anna battlefield park in hanover county. search dogs have picked up his scent but so far they is found no other sign of him.
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police in frederick, maryland are searching for a group of tabliers responsible for attack -- teenagers responsible for attacking a group of homeless men and women. the attacks have been going on since the summer. frederick police have stepped up foot and bike patrols and increasing lighting. they plan to install security cameras to try to record the attacks and the attackers. the first criminal trial to come out of the country's worst coal mining disaster in decades has ended in a guilty verdict. the former security chief of the massey big branch mine impeded the investigation. >> he lied to investigators and tried to destroy thousands of documents involved with security. he said he didn't know he committed a crime when he ordered the documents to be thrown out. 4:33 now. here's some of the other stories making news. lawyers for the suspects charged in the tucson shooting have gone back to court.
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they won't jared lee loughner's interviews to be video taped. it's part of a mental competency assessment. he has pleaded not guilty to 49 charges stemming from the january 8 shooting which killed six people and wounded 12 others. lawyers for an american citizen who was detained nearly four years as an enemy combatant wants a federal appeals court to reinstate a lawsuit against former defense secretary donald rumsfeld and other bush administration officials. jose pa diaz's attorneys says high level officials should be accountable. pa deal ya is serving -- padilla was arrested in 2002 for an alleged dirty bomb plot. researchers say the world's population is going to hit 7
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billion people by monday. the rate of growth has picked up significantly in recent decades. >> world did not reach the one billion mark until 1804. it took another 123 years in 1927 before we reached 2 billion. >> the world reached 3 billion in 1960 and 4 billion just 14 years later in 74. the population got to 5 billion in 1987 and then 6 billion in 1999. the 7 billion mark is expected again to be monday which is halloween. >> trick or treat. our time right now 4:35. at 4:39 the maker of the blackberry suffers a setback in the world of tablet computers. how would you like to be part of maryland snow patrol. we'll explain exactly what that is. we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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4:38 on this thursday morning. keep the rain gear handy. wear going to have showers around, especially this morning. fewer showers this afternoon. much colder air tonight and friday and the weekend gets a little interesting. we'll talk about that in about five minutes. getting word of an accident on the north side of town. i'll have more on that coming up in my next report. andrea and mike? >> thank you. 4:38. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> we're talking jobs this morning. >> unemployment really taking a toll on americans. we know that but we've got new numbers out. a new "new york times" cbs news poll finds 54% of americans say
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their household financial situation is fairly bad or worse. and 64% of unemployed americans say they've cut back on their day-to-day spending in the past year. that includes spending less on necessities. as for wall street, though, the dow starts this morning at 11,869. that's a pop of 162 points or nearly 1.4%. stocks pushed higher yesterday on news but china will invest in europe's financial rescue funds. both the nasdaq and s&p 500 jumped by 12 points. college costs are climbing. a new college board report finds tuition has jumped 8% this year at the average public university and community college. the cost to attend a public university will jump over $600 to more than $8,000 in total. the price tag for community college will increase by 2 to 3,000. that's double the inflation rate with falling incomes and college costs eating up more of
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family buckets. the maker of the blackberry has suffered another setback. research in motion is delaying a much needed update to the playbook tablet's operating system until february because it isn't up to company standards. the update was supposed to be ready this month. when it is rolled out, it should give blackberry users the ability to automatically access their e-mail and contacts on the playbook. and general motors is recalling more than 36,000 new chevy equinox and gmc crossover suvs. the move will fix tire pressure monitors that aren't working correctly. g.m. says systems in the 2012 vehicles should warn drivers when tire pressure drops 25% below the recommended pressure. it was not doing that so they're going to fix that problem. >> the blackberry thing and i'm a blackberry fan, they're getting in their own way every day it seems. >> having lots of problems recently. is your child having trouble in school when it comes to academics? >> then you might want to try and surround them with students who are doing much better than
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they are. we'll explain coming up.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 4:42.
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things are going to change again in the forecast. >> i'm reading all this stuff it's going to snow on saturday. let me just say this. >> did you say those four letters? >> i did but let's put it in perspective. the ground is warm. it's late october. temperatures in the day are still going to be in the 40s. even if we get a wet novelty snow flake, it's not going to do anything. there's not going to be any stickage. don't be writing crazy stuff on facebook. just relax. we'll have plenty of time later in the season to write crazy stuff on facebook and twitter. we've got temperatures very comfortable. mild actually. in the mid-50s to even mid-60s. scattered showers this morning. sunrise at 7:30. one more week before we fall back with the clocks. that will be next week and not this weekend. scattered showers around. upper 50s at 8:00. noontime temps 63. fewer showers, though, as we head into the afternoon hours.
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isolated showers i think late this afternoon. by 4:00 64. winds turn southwest to westerly in that 10 to 15 range. by 8:00 northwest winds. they're picking up. 18 miles an hour. what about gusts this evening and tonight 20 and 25. the satellite and radar showers are moving in from the west to the east. while it's not too active at the moment, look west at all the yellows and oranges coming out of southern ohio and west virginia tracking right toward us. we're going to get active around here for the morning. here's a look at live doppler doppler 9000hd. a light green showing up. that translates into lighter rain around here. a couple of heavier showers in far northeastern maryland. as we doom in locally, you'll see we have breaks and some showers there. some breaks around warrenton. as you head into northern fauquier toward winchester, we've got some showers. in and around d.c. central, southern montgomery, howard counties we're seeing the showers in northern fairfax, great falls, potomac. also greatestburg toward olney, silver spring, wheaton, laurel,
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college park you're all seeing those lighter showers toward columbia as well. down south to prince george's county where we've got showers route 5 into northern charles but south of la plata, things are quieter. across the river there and toward prince william county from woodbridge to quantico, some light showers. all of this is moving toward the east. again i expect a more -- expect more moderate showers later in the day. 60s in the shenandoah valley. even cupperred about -- cumberland it's 63. lots of 50s and 60s out there this morning. so we're mild. winds are still out of the west and southwest. actually calm at reagan national. the dew point one degree shy of the temp at 56. showers in and around chicago. it was so wet they canceled game six or postponed game six of the world series. by this afternoon we get into a
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break. the heavier showers are east of us midday. perhaps a few more showers this afternoon. then some of the rain showers change to snow showers tonight and tomorrow. sunshine with some clouds increasing late and again a cold rain shower or two on saturday depending on exactly where the next storm tracks. mild today, 65. 52 tomorrow after being in the 30s and 40s tonight with a freeze watch north up toward i- 70 and the mountains of west virginia. cold on saturday with cold rain. maybe a wet flake mixing in, 46. sunday 52. and a cool halloween. highs in the mid-50s. probably 50ish for the trick or treats are. >> check your facebook page. i just posted something for you. it starts with an s and ends with a w. i'm just saying. nothing else. here's what it looks like on the beltway. i highlighted the construction spots for you and all these construction spots usually clear up by about 5:00. we're talking on the north side of town. 66 annandale and springfield as well. we're going to zoom in first to
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the northside. there is an accident on the outer loop of the beltway but let's take a live look. it is really not affecting traffic. here's university boulevard. the accident is just after this point closer to connecticut avenue but everything is on the shoulder. i think you should be good to go. let's go over to the other side of town. this time south side. if you're planning to head inbound on i-66 again it's just that construction basically between route 123 vienna and the beltway. you've also got some right through here in annandale. let's take a live look at 395. this was really jammed up yesterday at about 6:00 in the morning. right now here at edsall road everything is fine up to the point where the lanes divide. everything is running smoothly into downtown. we'll take a look on the east side of town at 4:55. back to you. >> thank you. metro access has provided $11 million in free rides over the last six years because contractors were late or just didn't show up. that's according to the washington examiner. the paper says an inspector general's audit found 9 million
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of those costs have hit in just the last three years. this is all about the agency agreeing to give out two free ride coupons for every late or missed trip as settlement for a class action lawsuit. the assistant general manager of access services says the numbers are skewed arguing that many riders likely would take those trips anyway. free ride coupon or not. the state of maryland wants to get ready for the impending snowfall this winter so they are searching for volunteers to help them keep track of road conditions when it turns wintry outside. they're calling it the snow squad. people who sign up will report road conditions during their normal drive. there are some requirements. you need to be 21 years old, have a license with no points and valid insurance. anyone interested needs to contact the state highway administration by november 14. heads up for drivers who take the dulles airport access highway. beginning today crews will start narrowing the westbound lanes on part of the road. those lanes are the ones going to the airport. the narrow part is just west of
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leesburg pike overpass and it's only about 600 feet long. the drivers are asked to use caution in that area. the narrowed lanes will be in place till sometime around thanksgiving. adderall is a drug which is used to treat people with adhd. now a nationwide shortage of the drug has some people with valid prescriptions scrambling from pharmacy to pharmacy. >> because adderall is a narcotic which can be abused, the fda limits the amount distributed to drugstores which is actually only compounding the problem. as brittany morehouse reports, demand still can't be met. >> reporter: the power of one pill. >> you can buy a pill off of someone for $5 to $15. >> reporter: an expense that college students fork over willingly and often for adderall. >> it's everywhere. you go to any college, it will be there. >> reporter: maybe not for long. pharmacies in the area are running out of adderall, both brand and generic.
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>> i'm kind of surprised. when medicine runs short. you would think in america we'd have that available. >> reporter: but adderall contains chemicals controlled by the fda. the government limits the amount of pills manufacturers can make so manufacturers limit the amount of pills they provide wholesalers. the end result? you would be hard pressed to find any pharmacy in the area that is stocked with adderall. after calling dozens of pharmacies we're told the same answer no supply and not sure when they'll get it. most tell us they won't have any available till january 15. >> kind of scary because there's a big use for it. i hear people who aren't supposed to take it do get access to it. >> reporter: stories around college campuses tell us it's true. >> i know of people getting adderall stolen from them. >> i have heard of cases of people who step into it thinking they can control their usage but after a while they'll turn around and the next thing they know they are dependent. >> reporter: dependent that might rear its head when no adderall is available for mid
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terms. brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> if you have a prescription for adderall, there are alternative drugs that have the same effect. most of those are also prescribed and controlled. so people affected by that shortage should make an appointment to see their doctor. the type of birth control pill women take matters when it comes to the risk of dangerous blood clots in the veins. newer birth control pills seem to carry twice the bloo blood clot -- twice the blood clot twice compared to older pills. the older pills have the hormone progesterone in an older form. researchers from the netherlands found women whose ovaries are stimulated into producing extra eggs are twice as likely to get ovarian cancer and borderline ovarian tumors
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compared to infertile women not treated with ivf. the tumors can potentially become malignant and require surgery. some new engineered broccoli packs a nutritional punch according to the british scientists who developed it. it's expected to have two on three times the normal amount of a knew friday went believed -- nutrient believed to ward off heart disease. it will be rolled out across the united states later this fall. a new study shows preschoolers with poor language skills improved significantly when placed in classrooms with high achieving students. the findings could influence educators who currently tend to cluster low performing students together. researchers in ohio found the high performing students achieved their academic success regardless of the other kids in the classroom. so it wouldn't drag the high
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performing students down. it would lift the low performing students up. it is coming up on 4:53. before we head to break, here's your first look at the question of the morning. in a recent survey 30% of men say they ignore this hoping someone else is going to deal with it. is it a, the dishes, b, the laundry, or c, a burned out light bulb. put your answer on our facebook page and we'll reveal some of your comments in a little bit. ñññ
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wellwelcome back. we have showers out there. that will be the case especially this morning. 9:00 temperatures will be upper 50s north to 60 in town. low 60s southern maryland and cambridge. midday fewer showers. mostly cloudy. highs trying to get toward 65 here in washington with isolated showers this afternoon. then much colder tonight. we're going to take a look at the map. if you're coming in from the north 95, route 50 from annapolis, everything is looking fine into downtown. north east as well. the beltway is looking good from new carrollton down to oxon hill. in my next report we'll go into virginia at 5:01. back to you. >> thank you, monika. several high profile architectural firms have been named as finalists in the design competition to overhaul three neglected areas of the national mall. the nonprofit trust for the national mall selected two new york-based architectural firms
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and one from seattle, washington. the three firms must now present designs for a very vamped -- for a revamped washington monument. once it's all finished it could include reengineered pools and a restaurant. too much alcohol is what killed amy winehouse. that's the official conclusion from a british coroner. the singer's blood alcohol level was five times more than the legal drunk driving limit when she died three months ago. many assume the 27-year-old grammy award winner died because after drug overdose but that is not the case. winehouse had battled addiction problems for years. did william shakespeare really write the world's most famous plays? >> this new movie coming out creating a lot of buzz that another playwright may have penned the classics. we have a preview of the movie "anonymous." >> reporter: did he really write the world's most famous
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plays? the new movie "anonymous" makes the case that another playwright might have penned the classics. the director says the theory has been whispered about for centuries. >> it's not a conspiracy at all. it's totally common knowledge and a lot of famous people in history have asked the same question. >> reporter: actor reeves plays devere. >> whoever the author is would i'm sure be overjoyed that someone is asking. >> reporter: in the peeve he is also queen elizabeth's lover. jolie richardson and her mother both play the queen at different times of her life. >> it was lovely. it was really special to be together, to both be able to play elizabeth. it was amazing. >> reporter: richardson also embraces the controversy over
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who's really behind the works attributed to the famous play. >> that narrow vision really scares me. what are we so scared of? that we'll get more information? >> reporter: the filmmakers leave it up to the audience to decide who the author really is. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. thank you for watching the real deal. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein has your weather first. i'm not going to say the word. >> i only said the first and last letter. >> thank you, monika. >> you're welcome. we may have a wet flake in one or two spots saturday with the rain, the cold showers, but it is not going to stick. stick is the word we're going to use. >> don't expect sticking.


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